A Look At The Bull City Burger and Brewery

If you happen to be in downtown Durham, NC and you find yourself looking for a nice restaurant that serves exceptional food that you and your whole family can enjoy, then you can visit the famous Bull City Burger and Brewery. Located at 107 East Parrish St., this locally-owned restaurant and microbrewery is open 7 days a week and can seat approximately 140 guests (90 inside, 50 outside). Bull City Burger and Brewery offers a great dining experience for the whole family and it can also be booked for different occasions and events. Continue reading

The Many Different Districts Of Durham

A cosmopolitan consisting of varied vicinities and areas having offbeat unique flavors, atmosphere & scenes; Durham is a terrene microcosm of the country’s conflation of individuals, cultures & places. Unlike any generic location or town, Durham has some areas with a very enunciated ‘feel.’

It has a dynamic downtown, a stockpile with a scintillating nightlife including bars, lounges, clubs, restaurants, brewery, as well as their fine dining & shopping districts.

Downtown Durham District

Downtown includes a plethora of its exclusive districts, which are compelling and intriguing for their unique features and the best part is that they are located in proximity to each other which makes the area approachable, dynamic and more fun.

The City Center will take you through the complete resurgence of the town, with the galleries, restaurants, a brewery, bars, and vibrant places adding adventure to your exploration. The architecture and engineering of the town is unique cultivated and depicts the aesthetics and authenticity of Durham. You will see old wood and stucco buildings come to life within these historic districts, right before your eyes.

Along a couple of blocks of the 9th street are Durham’s “college town” locations, including vibrant bars and breweries, cafes, funky shops and avant-garde restaurants. One of the renowned places is a retail store that has over 1,000 different beers in stock. This area is a connective between Duke University’s East & West Campuses, along with Duke’s Central campus which include Duke Chapel, Sarah P. Duke Gardens & the Nasher Museum of Art.

This district cruises along a commercial highway in Durham, where tourists and residents can avail of renowned, well-established cuisine ranging from basic to exquisite, a neighborhood wine shop, an immense convergence of antique & consignment shops, and a 50,000 sq. ft. Asian specialty grocery store.

Moving to South Durham, this area is quite a unique modern suburb which is very conducive to people who love an outdoor life. It is the domicile for various dynamic activities including the nation’s leading super-regional malls, the Southpoint streets, and various retail shops; availed by tourists as well as residents on Interstate 40.

Apart from shopping, the area includes various luxurious yet economic neighborhoods, along with various outdoor activity alternatives along American Tobacco Trail & city parks. Down south is situated the Jordan Lake, which is a domicile for various species such as fox, deer, quail & waterfowl.

Nasher Museum In Durham, NC

Nasher Museum was established in the year 2005 on the campus of Duke University, in the enclosing space of  Research Triangle as a prime centre for arts. This museum is responsible for organizing and presenting unique and innovative exhibitions that tour globally. Some of the most recent exhibitions were:  Wangechi Mutu: Barkley L. Hendricks: Birth of the Cool, A Fantastic Journey, The Vorticists: Rebel Artists in London & New York, 1914-1918. Continue reading

Things To Do In Durham

Things To Do In Durham NC

Having the spare time to travel is bliss in this busy world and when you finally get to, you need to make it count, for sure. For travel freaks the subject “where to go for a vacation?” is bigger than just an ordinary hang out with friends. Durham is the place to visit, if you happen to be an explorer, someone who likes taking sights of art and nature in, that kind of thing. Continue reading